Cannabis oil cured my bowel cancer

Cannabis oil cured my bowel cancer


Cannabis oil cured my bowel cancer, claims father, 33, ‘given just 18 months to live’

David Hibbitt, 33, claims doctors said he had between 18 months and five years to live after being diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer. In desperation, he tried cannabis oil, which he now credits with his recovery


David Hibbitt was diagnosed in 2012 after initially being told he had piles

Underwent chemo, radiotherapy and surgery but was told he was terminal

Desperate, he researched online and bought cannabis oil, at £50 a month

Credits it with his remarkable recovery and is now cancer-free

A bowel cancer patient told he had just 18 months to live claims he has been cured by cannabis oil.

David Hibbitt, 33, was diagnosed with the disease in July 2012 and underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to remove his large bowel.

Doctors told him the cancer was terminal – so he decided to try cannabis oil as a last resort and bought it from a local dealer for £50 a gram.

Now the father-of-one says he has been cancer-free since his last scan in January – and puts the class-B drug down to his miracle recovery. Read more…..

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