I cured my cancer with CANNABIS OIL

Mike Cutler claims the cancerous cells in his liver


Grandfather, 63, claims he cured his cancer with ‘Breaking Bad’ style homemade CANNABIS OIL

Tests late last year revealed Mike Cutler had cancerous cells in his liver
Worried he might die, he took to the internet to search for a cure
Discovered cannabis oil – and bought some of the drug to make his own
Claims his excruciating pain disappeared three days after taking the potion
And that tests a few months later showed the cancer cells had gone
Research currently underway into whether cannabis can help treat cancer


A grandfather battling cancer claims he managed to cure himself of the disease using cannabis oil.

Mike Cutler, 63, was diagnosed in 2009 after blacking out at work – and was given a transplant in November that year.

He was given the all-clear but says the disease came back in late 2012 – attacking the new organ he had been given.

Desperate to survive, he began to look online – and found a YouTube video which described the use of cannabis oil as a cure.

He claims that just three days after taking the class B drug, his excruciating pain disappeared.

In May this year, the grandfather-of-nine went for a biopsy at the Royal Free Hospital in London. Read more…..

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Picture and content Curtesy of the Daily Mail


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