Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting Banbury

Matrix Reimprinting (MR) works on the underpinning emotional cause of the issue, but will also act in changing any unhelpful negative core beliefs that might have been formed at the time that the memory was created.

Matrix Reimprinting, using EFT, is a method to clear adverse feelings, negative learnings and painful past events. Like its predecessors.

Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting:

– easy to do and very gentle

– quickly finds the core underlying  issues, meaning that we can work on them rapidly

– allows the client to make links and understandings quickly, between behaviours and drivers, which assists the healing processes

– it works well if you don’t know where the root cause of your problems are

– allows you to reframe past experiences in a way which lets your body know that the trauma is over, acting at the energetic level

– allows forgiveness and wisdom to be gained

– creates positive beliefs which in turn affects current behaviours / issues / point of attraction



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