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Viridian Nutrition
the vitamin company with an organic heart
the vitamin company with an organic heart

Viridian Nutrition’s mission is to bring health and wellbeing to everything we touch. From the fields where much of Viridian’s ingredients are grown through to the recycling bank where the glass bottles are collected, Viridian wish to follow the ethical principle of ‘care for others as we care for ourselves.

At the heart of Viridian Nutrition is a philosophy that cares for the natural products movement supporting organic growing, the essential nature of health and whole food stores, the respectful preservation of ancient health traditions and the sensitive introduction of innovative complementary health foods, supplements and concepts.” 

Viridian @ Natural Health Store

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Viridian @ Natural Health Store

Viridian Nutrition, home of the leading name in ethical nutrition and beauty. Award-winning range of vitamins, minerals, herbs, organics, beauty, nutritional oils, speciality supplements, tinctures and balms dedicated to Purity, Environment and Charity.

Viridian is the leading brand of ethical vitamins, but what does this mean? Viridian was named as Best Buy in Ethical Consumer magazine and in The Good Shopping Guide. The magazine and annual directory commended us for our commitment to pure ingredients, environmental awareness and charity donations.

Dr Alex Richardson in the Daily Mail newspaper named Viridian’s ViridiKid Multi as the best children’s multivitamin due to the purity of the ingredients.

Ethics in nutritional supplements starts at the ownership of the company – dig a bit deeper into the company behind your daily vitamins and you might well find a giant pharmaceutical company or a mass-market mail order company. Viridian Nutrition is UK-based and family-owned and managed.

What the press say about Viridian:

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