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800mg CBD Entourage Oil Spray

Joy Smith was given 6 weeks to live after being diagnosed with ovarian, stomach and bowel cancer in August last year. Here she reveals why she feels cannabis oil is curing her disease. Watch This Mornings video

Hemp Flowers: Where The Goodness is Found

Love CBD only use HEMP FLOWERS, never stalks… in our view chucking away the flower and extracting the stalk makes no sense.
We also love The Entourage Effect – 800mg Love CBD Oil is filled with non-intoxicating cannabinoids: CBD, CBC, CBDA and CBG.

The Entourage Effect: A Brief History

The Entourage Effect began as a concept devised by Raphael Mechoulam, the man who first isolated THC and CBD back in the 1960’s. He theorized that the 80+ cannabinoids in the cannabis plant work better together, producing an enhanced potency.
Since then, GW Pharmaceuticals – a pharmaceutical corporation working with cannabinoid medicines – have spent tens of millions studying this cannabinoid “Entourage Effect”. They have proven that Mechoulamn’s theory was correct: cannabinoids work best together.
Now, Love CBD have taken the Entourage Effect to the next level.
800mg Love CBD Oil contains cannabinoids and terpenes from five different strains of cannabis sativa.
All five strains are high in CBD, but some strains are also high in CBG, some strains are high in CBDA and some strains are high in CBC. When combined it becomes a cocktail of cannabinoids.
For further reading on the Entourage Effect, Dr. Sanjay Gupta wrote this article for the CNN website.
This product contains a full profile of cannabinoids and terpenes, including:
800mg of CBD   Contains traces of THC

  • The 800mg Entourage Oil Spray is our replacement for the 8% Entourage Oil.
  • It comes with a spray instead of a pipette dropper.
  • It contains exactly the same amount of CBD as the 8% Entourage Oil.
  • It comes in a 20ml bottle rather than a 10ml bottle.

The oil is made up of:

  • 10ml of original 8% Entourage Oil… which contains 800mg of CBD and CBDa.
  • 10ml of olive oil… added to thin the oil and make it work with a spray pump.

Please Note: This oil can not be vaporized. It is intended for oral use only.

By utilising the power of five different strains of hemp, our 800mg CBD Oil is filled with the power of medical hemp. CBD. CBG. CBC. CBDA. These cannabinoids are all important… but when combined their power is magnified. Ingredients: Hemp extract, olive oil Please Note: This oil can not be vaporized. It is intended for oral use only.

 You can phone your order through to us and pay by card on 01295 368 083 


What users of our CBD oil say about it:


Thought I’d give a bit of feedback. Product arrived yesterday and have been very impressed with the results as was quite sceptical to be honest. Very quickly my stress headache (I work long hours) receded and was left with a very contented feeling. This could be the “magic cure” I been looking for and would reduce the amount of OTC painkillers and codeine that I currently take. Early stages but well done on your product and hope it lives long!


I can’t believe how well this works. I’ve used Hempotion before and that wasn’t very effective. Just 3 drops of CBD Love is worth more than 10 drops of other brands. It may be dearer but you need less so its just as economical. Recommended.


It was Love from day one. I’ve had MS for 25 years, and the last 5 have been particularly hard. I got my head round gradually losing muscle function years ago, but constant pain and spasticity is enough to drive a girl crazy, and nothing the doctors offered helped enough. This does. Not a hundred percent, but way more than I’d expected, and it makes my life all sorts of better. Fabulous. Thankyou.


Very good for reducing anxiety and aiding with sleep. If it’s also killing any cancer cells whilst I sleep then that’s a bonus!


My grandma suffers with MS nothing prescribed helps her much, she says she loves the stuff and can actually get a nights sleep now. Nature knows best, LoveCBD knows how to harness nature.


I am a young man who suffers from autism and complex GI issues. I suffer from anxiety, numerous muscular aches and pains, PTSD and a general lack of appetite. CBD oil was recommended to me by a friend in the US. After searching the internet I came across several Uk suppliers of CBD oil, but it was Dan’s informed, prompt and incredibly helpful approach, along with the range of products that he offered that led me to buy from LoveCDB. It is a choice I would recommend to anyone else interested in trying CDB oil.
This product helped to up regulate my immune system, calm my anxiety and increase my appetite. It also helps me manage some of my GI and muscular pains. The best part is, that despite it having a slightly stimulating and mood elevating effect, it also did a great job of beginning to regulate my sleep.
Anyone who wishes to try more natural forms of pain/anxiety relief and who suffers from autoimmune style issues should without doubt give CBD oil a try.


I thought I’d wait until I’d finished the bottle before I gave a review based on a couple of months use.
I have suffered for several years with. M.E, improperly diagnosed chronic fatigue and more recent fibromyalgia. The feelings of frustration caused by my symptoms has been greatly relieved,alongside the very noticeable relief from pain….. My muscles feel relaxed, my appetite has improved, I sleep much more deeply ( no more epic dreams)
And generally feel much happier and relaxed ( also relief from PMT the last 2 months)
Sooooo…. I am now about to make my second purchase of entourage oil….. Although expensive, in my opinion worth every penny!


This oil has helped my fibromyalgia aches, helped rid me of migraines, made me more relaxed which in turn has made me more confident in myself. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years. I have been on every pain medication, but this has surpassed my expectations. Just to be clear, for me, these results were not immediate, as some people claim. After 3 months I have been able to get off my opiate medication and have also been able to reduce my anti depressants.

I have only tried one other brand, and I have to say that I prefer Love CBD. I know that Love CBD is my favourite because when I stopped to try the other brand, all of my problems came back.

On top of the oil, the owners themselves are great and have been exceptional with including the customer in their pursuits to sell a superior product.


Love cbd 8% entourage oil is the highest quality CBD oil I have tried. Very effective at treating my anxiety and aids a good night sleep. Ships the same day as the order and arrives pretty much the next day. Highly recommended.


I’ve been using this oil for a couple of months now, not having tried anything like this before. I’ve found it really useful for reducing the severity of my awful headaches (I’ve been left with terrible headaches for a few years since a medical treatment went wrong, and my current pain meds weren’t up to the job). I think it’s made the other pain meds more effective, and the cbd itself is helping too. The taste took a bit of getting used to (just a very concentrated planty taste) but is totally worth it for the pain relieving effects. I also use the triple strength cbd balm to rub on my head and other parts that are hurting, and it really does give almost immediate relief it’s amazing! I started off really slow with the drops as I can be sensitive to a lot of things, and built up my dosage gradually from there which suited me as I am now doing well on a higher dose. I am so grateful to have found these products and this company, it means so much to have real hope for better pain control and knowing the cbd oil provides myriad other health benefits is a total bonus.


I’ve been diagnosed with panic attacks caused by depression in 2012 and at first I tried the common treatment consisting in Prozac and Xanax. It worked somehow, but with very weird side effects, not to mention the addiction settling in, however the quality of life was not improved sensibly. I started looking for a more natural approach and, along with a healthier diet and lifestyle, I started using this oil in November 2015, one 10ml bottle a month. At that time the depression was getting the best of me, with frequent suicidal thoughts… There was no immediate relief, but I was fully aware of how cannabinoids are working with the nervous system, so I had patience and I kept treating myself daily and improvement came slowly, like a thief, but I started regaining my life back gradually to the extent that today, after 6 months of using it, i feel perfectly normal! I have the energy and joy of life of my teenage years, I started making plans, picking up the old hobbies from where they were left and looking forward for as many happy years as possible! I also want to commend Dan for his amazing customer service skills, just another reason to keep using this amazing product!


Absolutely love this cbd oil! I have suffered from anxiety, ptsd and panic attacks for 3 years and taking this oil every day gives me an inner calm no prescribed drug ever did. It has also completely got rid of my panic attacks! Can’t recommend it enough. Lovely company to deal with as well.

By utilising the power of five different strains of hemp, our 800mg CBD Oil is filled with the power of medical hemp. CBD. CBG. CBC. CBDA. These cannabinoids are all important… but when combined their power is magnified. Ingredients: Hemp extract, olive oil Please Note: This oil can not be vaporized. It is intended for oral use only.

You can phone your order through to us and pay by card on 01295 368 083



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