Ultra SKINNY MINI® Caffeine Free Bilayered Tablets

Nature's Plus, Ultra Skinny MiniNatures Plus Ultra SKINNY MINI® Caffeine Free Bilayered Tablets

This product is gluten free.

Ultra SKINNY MINI® Caffeine Free pumps up the energizing nutrition and puts dieters on the fast track for weight loss success! Ultra SKINNY MINI Caffeine Free, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, supercharges metabolism and ignites weight loss without caffeine. Ultra SKINNY MINI® Caffeine Free achieves incredible results in both body and mind! Now even those with caffeine sensitivity can lose weight and feel great ‘ with fast and easy Ultra SKINNY MINI Caffeine Free!

Ultra SKINNY MINI Caffeine Free delivers the same power-packed benefits as the award-winning original Ultra SKINNY MINI, including:

 Safe, natural botanical extracts to support weight control!

Revitalizing, invigorating natural energy factors, great for high-intensity, calorie-burning workouts ‘ without the jitters!

Sugar- and appetite-supporting factors, helping you conquer the pitfalls of diet-busting temptations!

Rhodiola, an exhilarating herb that helps boost energy while minimizing dieting stress!




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