Therapy Banbury

Therapies available in the Therapy Rooms

Joanne Oliver

Natural Health Assessments with Joanne Oliver

Your assessment is like having your own personal map that highlights specific areas of your body. These areas, when cared and supported, make it easier for your overall health levels to stay balanced and strong, no matter your age, or current health condition. This assessment is where I can show you exactly how to improve your health levels. Read more…..


Happy Healthy Me Club

Intolerance Testing

Essential Health Intolerance Testing.

If you suspect you may have intolerance to one or more foods, then our intolerance test may be able to help. By pinpointing exactly which foods are causing an intolerance, you can easily eliminate problem foods from your diet in order to reduce or eliminate your symptoms. Read more…..


Therapy Banbury, Oxfordshire. Our therapists offer therapies and counselling from the therapy rooms at the Natural Health Store