Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt an Essential Element of Life Itself.

Himalayan Crystal Salt originates from the primal seas of millions of years ago. It was dried by the sun at a time where pollution or toxins did not exist; Himalayan Crystal Salt is totally pure and contains every mineral and trace element found in the human body.

Despite what we have been led to believe, salt is as equally as important to the human body as water. As long as you are drinking enough water, salt is absolutely essential for the body to generate hydroelectric energy, maintain good blood chemistry, balance the correct amount of water in our blood and cells, aid digestion and allow our nervous system and muscles to function normally. Without salt you would not be able to think nor act. Obviously, we are not talking about refined table salt which is nothing more than a white poison.

The mineral particles in crystal salt are totally organic and so tiny that they are easily metabolised for the bio-chemical functioning of human cells. Because of this, Himalayan crystal salt is one of nature’s most effective natural remedies.

Before modern-day medicine, people across the world used salt to heal themselves. Himalayan salt contains every single one of the essential minerals to sustain human life and is extremely pure and toxin free, due to the environment in which it forms. The purity of Himalayan Salt is maintained even through the mining process since it is extracted by hand, the use of dynamite is strictly prohibited in the mines.

The benefits of Himalayan Salt for health are numerous and it is believed to alleviate the symptoms of a variety of conditions. It is also used extensively and effectively in beauty and personal hygiene products.

A study conducted at the University of Graz, Austria, found that people who drank water containing Himalayan salt (a solution called Sole), on a daily basis, experienced remarkable improvements in their overall health. Improved respiratory conditions and organ functions, sleeping better and more energy, weight loss and enhanced nail and hair growth were the main improvements reported.

Salt Lamps – Salt crystal t light & candle holders and Himalayan salt crystal products have become a very important issue in Central Europe over the past few years. As a crystal lamp, Himalayan salt crystal lamps not only create especially radiant light but also have a very positive and profound effect on our personal wellbeing.

Himalayan salt crystal lamps are recommended by numerous Feng Shui Experts as well as by renowned architects for improving our working and living environments.

Our Salt Lamps are mind and produced in the Himalayan region, an area rich in the mineral deposits that give our lamps their unique and attractive colours, Himalayan natural salt crystal lamps are made from crystals of Himalayan salt, which has laid below ground for around 260 million years. It is brought to the surface from depths ranging from 700-1100 meters by traditional mining methods which maintain the benefits of natural rock salt and which protect it from possible contamination.

Once mined, the crystals are fashioned entirely by hand, not in a factory but in small village workshops where the highly-skilled craftsman use their age-old family skills to produce work of outstanding natural beauty. Because all of the work is carried out by hand, and because the crystals from which the lamps are made are themselves variable, each lamp is unique in design, colour and weight. The natural substances of rock salt crystal determine the wonderful look of the crystal. For example, iron imparts a red tone and manganese contributes yellow and orange.

Some of the ways taking Himalayan Crystal Salt Can Help

•Balances the sugar levels in the blood

•Stabilises irregular heartbeats

•Regulates your blood pressure, in conjunction with water

•Extracts excess acidity from your body’s cells, particularly the brain cells

•Generates hydroelectric energy in your body’s cells

•Increases conductivity in nerve cells for communication and information processing

•Enhances absorption of nutrients through the intestinal tract

•Clears mucous plugs and sticky phlegm in the lungs, particularly in asthma and cystic fibrosis

•Provides your body with a strong natural antihistamine

 •Regulates sleep: It is a natural hypnotic

•Eliminates persistent dry coughs. Put a dash on the tongue

•Prevents gout and gouty arthritis

•Helps maintain muscle tone and strength

•Clears up congestion of the sinuses

•Preserves serotonin and melatonin, known antidepressant neurotransmitters

•Helps maintain sexuality and libido

•Prevents varicose veins and spider veins

•Provides your body with all essential mineral and every necessary trace mineral it needs to thrive

•Prevents muscle cramps

•Helps treat emotional disorders

•Helps the kidney to pass excess acidity into the urine

•Is a strong anti-stress element for the body

•Stops excess saliva production

•Strengthens bone structure. Osteoporosis, in many ways, is a result of salt and water shortage in the body


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