Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

Super Strength Multi-Vitamin Vitamins are essential to life.They contribute to good health by regulating the metabolism and assisting the bio­chemicalprocesses that release energy from digested food. They are considered micro nutrients because the body needs them in relatively small amounts compared with nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and water.



The thirteen vitamin types are:

Vitamin A,   Vitamin B1 (Thiamin),   Vitamin B6,   Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin),   Vitamin C,   Vitamin D,   Vitamin E,   Vitamin K,   Biotin,   Pantothenic Acid,   Niacin. Riboflavin,    Folic Acid (Folacin).

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Magnesium Citrate 125mg with Vitamin B6Minerals. Every living cell on this planet depends on minerals for proper function and structure.

Minerals are needed for the proper composition of body fluids, the formation of blood and bone, the maintenance of healthy nerve function, and the regulation of muscle tone, including that of the muscles of the cardiovascular system. Like vitamins, minerals function as coenzymes, enabling the body to perform its functions, including energy production, growth, and healing. Because all enzyme activities involve minerals, minerals are essential for the proper utilization of vitamins and other nutrients.


Minerals and their roles in the Body.

Chromium: insulin and glucose tolerance responses.

Cobalt: contained in vitamin B12.

Copper: formation of haemoglobin; absorption and use of iron; skin, hair pigmentation.

Fluoride: prevents dental carries; crystalline structure of bones and teeth.

Iodine: contained in hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3).

Iron: contained in cytochromes , myoglobin, haemoglobin.

Magnesium: mineral present mainly in the bones; maintains electrical potential in nerve and muscle cells.

Phosphorus: contained in bones, teeth; role in energy metabolism.

Potassium: role in fluid and electrolyte balance; heart muscle activity; metabolism and protein synthesis.

Selenium: proper heart function.

Sodium: present in extracellular fluid.

Sulphur: energy metabolism, enzyme function, and detoxification.

Zinc: contained in enzymes, transcription factors.


EchinEeze ® 70mgHerbs. The medicinal benefits of herbs have been known for centuries.

Records of Native American, Roman, Egyptian, Persian, and Hebrew medical practices show that herbs were used extensively to cure practically every known illness. Many herbs contain powerful ingredients that, if used correctly, can help heal the body.


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