Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps keep teeth, tissue, membranes, and skin  healthy. Directly involved in the production of retina pigments, vitamin A is extremely  important for eye sight, especially in poor lighting. Studies have indicated  that it may be very important for breast-feeding mothers as well.

Because it is found in many foods high in saturated fats  and cholesterol, people often unknowingly avoid vitamin A.  Subsequently, a deficiency may result.

Vitamin A helps develop and maintain healthy growth in the cells  and almost all the parts of the body. Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin.  Vitamin A is carried through the body by fat and plays a key role in the immune  system by helping protect it from infections.

A lack in Vitamin A may cause:

Rough, dry or pimply skin, digestive problems, lowered resistance to infections, problems with becoming pregnant, poor growth, improper tooth formation, night blindness, eye disease.

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