Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketones 600mgNatural Raspberry Ketone 600mg 60 Vegicaps

What is Natural Raspberry Ketone 600mg? Raspberry Ketone is the natural aroma that gives raspberries their lovely smell. It may help to maintain healthy fat metabolism and has been described by Dr Oz, US health guru, as “Number one miracle in a bottle”. What Does Natural Raspberry Ketone 600mg Do? – May help to maintain a healthy weight when combined with a healthy diet and exercise programme. – May help to maintain normal appetite control, normal fat digestion, normal metabolism and normal cholesterol levels. – May increase antioxidant activity in the blood, decreasing harmful free radicals which can attack body cells. – May help to maintain a healthy immune system. Why choose Healtharena Natural Raspberry Ketone 600mg? All Healtharena products are designed by our nutritional therapists and are produced in the UK under pharmaceutical standard to guarantee best quality and product safety.


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