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CandiGONE is formulated with a broad spectrum of antifungals, in order to target the many different types of yeast organisms. Yeast is a pleomorphic organism, which means it can change form. Just as certain bacteria have been known to become antibiotic resistant, yeast can become antifungal resistant. By using more than one type of antifungal, yeast is less likely to adapt.
CleanseSMART is a 30 day all natural herbal cleansing program. It is formulated to stimulate the cleansing and detoxification process of the body's 7 channels of elimination: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system.
When DigestMORE is taken with a meal, it works to break down food products into their smallest usable components (nutrients). This allows the body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your meal. When food is effectively broken down, the overall function of the digestive system is improved, including a reduction in the amount of gas produced. DigestMORE also contains ingredients that are essential to repair and soothe the digestive system.
The strongest enzyme formula available! High potency DigestMORE ULTRA contains enzymes to breakdown all of the components of food. It can help to alleviate the signs of poor digestion such as gas, bloating, constipation, cramps and tiredness after eating.
FibreSMART is much MORE than just fibre. It combines the perfect 50% soluble and 50% insoluble blend of fibre along with healing herbs. FibreSMART is the perfect everyday fibre supplement to help maintain good health, ease constipation, and improve digestion. It is also the ideal cleansing companion!
First Cleanse
First Cleanse is the ONLY cleanse on the market designed specifically for first time cleansers or “sensitive” individuals. First Cleanse cleanses the entire body with a formula that is gentle, yet strong enough to be effective. It is a 14 day program designed to ease the body into cleansing.
Make your digestive tract feel like new! IntestiNEW helps to repair the intestinal tract lining and reduce inflammation that may occur in the intestinal tract. It should be used regularly by anyone suffering from Crohn’s disease and colitis, heartburn, candida, ulcers, leaky gut, or any other digestive upset.
Show your liver some love with LiverDETOX. A healthy liver is important for so many functions in the body. LiverDETOX supports detoxification of the liver and can result in improved skin, lowered cholesterol, weight loss, and improved overall health.
Norwegian Gold Critical Omega
Norwegian Gold Critical Omega is the perfect once daily fish oil for the maintenance of good health. It also supports cognitive and eye health. Like all Norwegian Gold fish oils, it is enteric coated and contains lipase to enhance absorption and eliminate “fishy burps”.
Ultimate Flora Critical Care
Ultimate Flora Critical Care delivers 50 billion beneficial bacteria from 10 strains in each protected capsule. It is the perfect balanced formula to help maintain good digestive and overall health while boosting immunity and easing constipation. It is the number 1 selling probiotic in North America because it delivers results!
Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula
Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula contains 50 billion bacteria from 9 specific strains that were chosen for their prevalence in a healthy vagina and urinary tract. Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula can help to treat chronic yeast infections and urinary tract infections in a convenient one-a-day dose.



Renew Life is North America’s #1 digestive care and cleansing company. Brenda Watson, the founder of Renew Life, believes that optimum health begins with a properly functioning digestive system. Our mission is to empower each and every one of our valued customers with the knowledge to improve their overall health through optimum digestive function and superior nutrition. We accomplish this goal by providing safe and effective natural solutions to digestive care issues through our innovative product line and continued commitment to education.


Renew Life Testimonials


Feeling better day by day IntestiNEW

This product is healing me with every serving. I don’t want to say what my health issues are but the list is long. This was recommended to me and I can’t say enough about how much better I am feeling. Thank you for helping me take control of my health again.

Digestmore Ultra is the best! DigestMORE Ultra

I have irritable bowel syndrome and constant issues with cramps and diarrhea. I can not believe the difference since I started using these enzymes. I also feel comforted that I am getting the nutrients from my food now. IBS is a horrible thing, thank you for providing me some relief.

No more heartburn! DigestMORE

I am 45 years young and don’t eat the best diet every day. I am working on it but I find that taking this product has made my heartburn much less severe. Since taking Digestmore I have also noticed that I no longer have that heavy feeling after I eat (even when I eat too much!).

Yeast Free! Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula

I am taking Ultimate Flora Women’s Formula for my recurrent yeast infections. So far, so good. I am going to do the CandiGONE soon but I want to wait until after the holidays since you can’t eat sugar!

Finally feeling better Ultimate Flora Critical Care

I have been sick for 2 years after a trip to Cuba. It was recommended that I try Ultimate Flora and within days I noticed I was not visiting the toilet as often. Within a week my persistent bloating and cramps were virtually gone! I have used other probiotics but nothing has had this effect on me. Thank you.

Thank you! FibreSMART Capsules

I am a truck driver and suffer from terrible constipation on the road. These capsules are my new “mate”. I have noticed that I go every morning now whereas before I could go days without a movement. I don’t mean to be graphic but fibresmart works like a charm!

Candida GONE CandiGONE

This product does what it says it will do, it gets rid of Candida. I have had yeast infections for years and since completing 2 bottles of Candigone by Renew Life, things are under control! I feel like I have my life back.! I feel like I have my life back.

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